Whether you are investigating a triage education solution, looking for triage information, or have a need for point of entry process improvement for your organization, Triage First can meet your needs. Since 1997, our skilled educators and consultants have paved the way for lasting change by implementing programs designed to reduce risk, raise patient satisfaction, improve assessments and documentation, solve for staff empathy burnout, and a host of many other issues involved in that process called triage. Tight budget? No problem. We will work with you to tailor a program and service designed for you. Triage First, as a recognized authority regarding triage process and education, was instrumental in developing and sustaining the momentum for (and ultimately acceptance of) the national implementation and standardization of a five-level triage acuity scale. Our principal consultant, Rebecca McNair, contributed to the new edition of Emergency Nursing Standards by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), and has authored and contributed to multiple professional publications, worked as a member of the ENA/American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Triage Task Force, been the guest speaker at national nurse and physician conferences, and has educated thousands of health-care team members including physicians, licensed independent practitioners, nurses, paramedics, and EMTs, as well as unlicensed members of organizational teams. Most of the Triage First consultants and educational content providers hold advanced nursing, education, and health-care administration degrees, all specializing in triage and point-of-entry processes. Partner with us to move your triage and point-of-entry processes forward, and we will honor our commitment to excellent patient outcomes. Inquire here.


Triage First’s mission is to help healthcare professionals and staff develop a consistent, compassionate, safe, and healthy approach from which to practice, and to provide them with the tools necessary to understand the conceptual and clinical aspects of care. Our goal is to give the gift of experience and knowledge to practitioners in these stressful arenas so that we are able to care for the patient and for one another. With the changes in healthcare and the demands placed upon us as clinicians and managers, we strive to elevate the level of understanding about the dynamics that impact the health-care environment, as well as the cohesiveness and strength of character of the institution. Does your facility’s environment seem like an unhealthy place at times? As practitioners, we know that we need a nurturing, healthy place to survive the inherent stressors of our practice and to be able to provide excellent, clinically expert, and compassionate nursing care.


Triage First is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. The ANCC Accreditation Program and ANCC Accredited Organization are trademarks of the American Nurses Credentialing Center. All Rights Reserved. ANCC is the world’s largest and most prestigious nurse credentialing organization, and a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association (ANA).  ANCC is the only nurse credentialing organization to successfully achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification in the design, development, and delivery of global credentialing services and support products for nurses and healthcare organizations. There are no relevant financial relationships by any planner or content author that affect the planning, implementation, or evaluation of these activities. These activities are successfully completed by: signing in, participating in all lessons included, achieving a satisfactory performance of 75% or higher on the post-test (if applicable), completing the participant feedback tool, and attesting to the method of participation.

WHY Select Triage First? Our consulting and educational services are structured in such a way that learning occurs organically, based on sound education science and social learning theory. Opportunities for content application are woven throughout all courses. Our technique provides a transfer of comprehensive knowledge that would take a nurse many years to acquire through experience alone. Furthermore, Triage First: + Read more

Triage First is Qualified Triage First is the ONLY ED consultation entity that also provides online education, which is standardized and acuity scale-specific, as well as able to impart knowledge, transfer that knowledge, AND provide the opportunity to hardwire that knowledge through self-paced online modules, developed over a 23-year history. +Read more

Full Portfolio Strategy While education alone will most certainly produce better outcomes in emergency nursing triage and point-of-entry processes, the best outcomes and most cost-efficient ED optimization of point-of entry processes, will be realized from executing our full portfolio, providing your staff with our online training courses which includes, progressive competency courses and hardwiring opportunities. +Read more