ED Triage Clinical Expertise


ED Triage Clinical Expertise


There is a gap between physical assessment and the performance of triage.  Appropriate triage has been shown to decrease mortality, decrease patient complications and wait time, improve inter-professional communication, and improve staff satisfaction.  The application of triage principles to real clinical scenarios helps to solidify the learning process. This course addresses multiple scenarios which support performance of an accepted triage process; and reinforce the conceptual aspects of the Comprehensive Core Concepts to ED Triage Systematics™  through clinical presentations – for accurate triage acuity assignment and patient throughput.  This course supports the learning outcomes oriented to pediatric presentations and translation of learning into the practice of pediatric clinical expertise at triage. Multiple patient scenarios are delivered which require a triage decision by the learner.


  1. Gain an overview of thorough, systematic comprehensive triage assessments, which would reinforce acceptable assessment and documentation practices.
  2. Use the “Clues” to gain valuable information pertaining to the triage assessment and decision for the specific scenarios presented.
  3. Access the “Teaching Points” to gain information pertaining to the disease process or injury in general.
  4. Recognize unusual presentations for clinical scenarios that are life threatening or emergent.




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