ED Triage Comprehensive Course

ED Triage Comprehensive Course

ED Triage: Comprehensive Course™

Triage Education

A triage nurse must have exceptional critical thinking skills, clinical expertise, excellent communication skills, compassion, and a comprehensive understanding of triage as a point-of-entry process. Not all triage education is equal.

Triage First’s ED Triage: Comprehensive Course™ gives every participant the tools to develop strong attributes to meet the growing demand for services. Here are a few things you can expect from our Course: ED triage comprehensive course

  • Confidence in the triage role
  • Sustained improvement to documentation
  • Excellent management of the lobby, waiting areas and reassessments
  • Development of accurate acuity assignments
  • Critical thinking skills objectified
  • Improved patient disposition by decreased (or often) eliminated wait times
  • Elevated patient satisfaction metrics

  • A healthier work environment
  • Confidence with psychiatric presentations
  • Developed skills in mitigating hostility
  • Real competency in managing triage
  • Lasting culture change – patient focused
  • True and lasting teamwork for nurses and physicians.

ED Triage: Comprehensive Course™ consists of the following elements of a comprehensive triage education:

ED Triage Systematics™ (Two-Day Live Course) ED Triage Acuity Scale™ (ESI) Online module ED Triage Clinical Expertise™ (ESI) Online module

ED Triage Systematics™ Agenda (typical two day live course):

Day 1: Registration 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.

  • Triage First Introduction
  • Triage Conceptual Foundation
  • Triage Critical Thinking Skills
  • Triage Process – Patient Throughput Impact
  • Prioritization & Disposition, Multiple-Case Exercise
  • Systematic Triage Assessment and Documentation
  • Triage and Emergency Response Plan

Day 2: Registration 7:30 – 8:00 AM

  • Triage is a Tiger: Caregiver and Patient Satisfaction
  • ED Triage Acuity Scale (ESI), Part 1
  • ED Triage Acuity Scale (ESI), Part 2: Practice Scenarios
  • Nurse Initiated Interventions
  • Triage of the Potentially Violent and Mitigating the Anger Cascade
  • Triage of the Psychiatric Presentations
  • Triage Assessment of Victims of Abuse
  • Discussion and Closing Remarks

I would like to have this course in my facility!

Bring the nationally acclaimed ED Triage: Comprehensive Course™ to your facility. Inquire about our In-House Workshops or the option to host the Course. Or call: 828-628-8029. If triage education alone is not enough for your department, you may want to consider an affordable solution for solving those “systemic problems” by contacting us regarding our consulting services. ed triage comprehensive course


There are no relevant financial relationships by any planner or content authors that affect the planning, implementation, or evaluation of these activities.  These activities are successfully completed by:  signing in, participation in all exercises included, satisfactory performance of 80% or higher on the post-test (if applicable), and completion of the participant feedback tool.

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