In-house triage education

In-house triage education


In-House Triage Education


The ED Triage: Comprehensive Course™ is comprehensive for very good reasons.

Typically, what we discover in our consulting services is that nurses think of triage as primarily a duty to assign an acuity. This is always reflected in the chart reviews. When we think of triage, we consider acuity scales as only one aspect of triage management, because triage involves a broad range of skill sets.

ED Triage: The Context in-house triage education

We are often requested to bring our course to a facility because the triage education subsequently taught was not implemented in the broader context of the ED culture. “It’s just not working for us” is the typical comment we hear when the culture is not congruent with the adoption of a piecemeal fix (simply teaching how to assign acuities). An ED triage acuity scale will not change the culture or the process. Culture change is what we do by delivering comprehensive education to expand the skill sets needed to manage ED triage.

Patient disposition has a broad context. Yes, we will teach an ED triage five level acuity scale (ESI). What we do that is different is teach the scale within a framework that is designed to change the ED culture (not just ED triage). We do it in such as way as to cause implementation to be consistent with the overall management of point-of-entry processes, throughput, and wait room demands. Our 2 day live course (ED Triage Systematics™) with two online modules are intended to hardwire best practice and delineate those “fine lines” for appropriate disposition.

We are comprehensive in our approach, because you can expect comprehensive results from us that will impact:

  • Rapid Triage
  • Immediate Bedding
  • Use of Protocols
  • Determining Triage Acuity
  • High Risk Patients
  • Patient Safety
  • System Processes
  • Psychiatric Patients
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Policies and Guidelines
  • Caregiver Satisfaction
  • Appropriate Disposition
  • Assessment Skills
  • Triage Concepts
  • Timely MSE
  • Escalating Census
  • Patient Flow
  • Staff Safety
  • Documentation Skills
  • Wait Times
  • Staff Turnover
  • Door to Triage
  • Triage to Physician
  • Adult Clinical Expertise
  • Peds Clinical Expertise
  • Left Without Treatment
  • Ongoing Competency (Online clinical expertise courses)

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