The Triage First Education Agenda

Live and ONLINE modules blended for triage competency.

Our course and services are structured in such a way that learning occurs in a more organic way based on sound education science and social learning theory versus body-system-bullet-point modules, and provides transfer of knowledge that naturally would take a nurse 10 years to acquire through experience alone. The agenda addresses:

Triage Conceptual Foundation
Triage Critical Thinking Skills
Triage Process: Patient Throughput Impact
Process Application: Physical Plant & Process Integration
Triage and Emergent Response Plan
Triage is a Tiger: Caregiver AND Patient Satisfaction
Systematic Triage Assessment and Documentation
ED Triage Acuity Scale – Concepts
ED Triage Acuity Scale – Practice Scenarios
ED Triage Acuity Scale – Multiple Case Presentations
Nurse Initiated Interventions
Triage of the Potentially Violent and Mitigating the Anger Cascade
Triage of Psychiatric Presentations
Triage Assessment of Victims of Abuse
ED Triage Clinical Expertise
ED Triage Pediatric Specific Clinical Expertise
Change Agent
Chart Audit Skills (CQI)
Facility Specific Tailoring
Implementation Challenges
Educator Skills and Course Logistics
Progressive Triage Competency
Healthcare Provider (Facility and System-Wide) Customer AND Caregiver Satisfaction
Emergency Department Continuous Quality Improvement (EDCQI) – Lean and Six Sigma
Triage Core Concepts


See clearly. Practice peacefully. Make it Better.

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