ED triage scenarios

ED Triage Scenarios

Continuing Triage Competency

ED Triage Scenarios – Continuing Triage Competency Description:

Once nurses have achieved a solid foundation in triage education, it is critical to ensure competency on an ongoing basis. ED Triage Scenarios™ is the final element in Triage First’s Pathway to Triage Competency. It is an ongoing series of courses that advances clinical expertise and conceptual knowledge. This program is an essential element of every ED nurse’s lifelong learning curriculum because it encourages continuous study into the nuances that impact appropriate disposition through an effective use of either the ESI or CTAS five-level acuity scale. Each ED Triage Scenarios™ course consists of ten clinical scenarios including one presentation of multiple cases simultaneously adapted from actual patient charts, answers and clues, teaching points, and a post-test. The clinical scenarios referenced in the ED Triage Scenarios™ courses were specifically selected because they contain various unique patient characteristics. If unnoticed in the clinical setting, these unique characteristics could result in mistriage and inappropriate disposition, which signifi­cantly impact patient risk and safety.


  1. Interpret stated reason for visit, and translate into an appropriate triage chief complaint.
  2. Recognize potential complications at triage (associated risk factors with the presented disease, social, or psychological process) and predict commonly seen sequalae.
  3. Discuss the appropriate designation of acuity according to the chosen five-level acuity scale.
  4. Utilize “Clues” and “Teaching Points” to gain information pertaining to the disease process or injury in general.
  5. Apply knowledge of specific case presentation to a wider patient population at triage by identifying both common and covert presentations that are life-threatening or emergent.



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