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Triage education by Triage First. (The ED Triage: Comprehensive Course™) Because we fully understand, not only the emergency patient population, but also the skills and processes integrated into systems of delivery. We promote best clinical practice grounded in an evidence-based, holistic and conceptual approach to triage as a process. We create and establish a pathway for your department’s triage competency. Skills-based improvements and sound organizational leadership, when combined effectively, eliminates disharmonious factors that disrupt the nurse’s ability to apply their skills and knowledge effectively, and directly impact department metrics and market share. The ED Triage: Comprehensive Course™ lays the foundation for the systemic changes and clinical expertise. Effective implementation of our course content allows nurses to be more effective individually and as part of teams, and provides leadership with the tools to successfully achieve mission fulfillment. When your department needs triage education, think Triage First.

Triage Education Agenda from Triage First.

“I must admit that I wasn’t a believer at first, but after talking with the nurses that attended the most recent Triage First class at our facility, I’m sold. Now I can’t believe facilities let people triage without the class. This is the kind of training triage nurses need. As a smaller community hospital, we need to start thinking outside the box and creating innovative partnerships to bring this kind of quality training to emergency department nurses in a cost effective manner. Thanks for working with us to make that a reality!” Brett A. Dodd, RN, CEN, CCRN, CFRN – Unit Based Outcomes Facilitator

Triage education must include all aspects of triage as a process, or it’s not triage education.

The ED Triage: Comprehensive Course™ is a unique blended education experience of a two day live onsite triage course (ED Triage Systematics™) and online triage training modules (ED Triage Acuity Scale™ and ED Triage Clinical Expertise™) that hardwire best practice. All triage education online modules are acuity specific (for ESI). Triage First’s triage education services are provided by a dedicated faculty with years of experience in the trenches of the Emergency Department with advanced healthcare and nursing education degrees. Their knowledge, enthusiasm, humor, and real-life examples will leave you wanting more. The ED Triage: Comprehensive Course™ is the triage education that gives every participant the tools to develop good critical thinking skills, clinical expertise, compassion, clear communication skills, and enables staff to implement culture change that moves to competency. Our triage education course covers triage assessments, concepts, documentation and processes, as well as caregiver and patient satisfaction. Continuing education hours are awarded only after successful completion of online post-testing.

Triage Education: ED Triage: Comprehensive Course™ (21.75 CECHs for ESI)
  • ED Triage Systematics™ (14.0) – Two Day Live Modules
  • ED Triage Acuity Scale™ ESI (2.75) – Online
  • ED Triage Adult/Peds Clinical Expertise™ ESI (5.0) – Online OR
    • ED Triage Pediatric Clinical Expertise™ ESI (5.0) – Online

    These ED Triage education course modules (above) may be taken online here.

Triage Education: ED Triage Scenarios*

(1.0 CECH per quarter/2.0 CECH for full subscription –
  • *Prerequisite for this course is to have successfully completed all components of the ED Triage: Comprehensive Course – Modules delivered Online

Triage First’s ED Triage: Comprehensive Course™ is the triage education that raises the bar on efficiency and performance. Change sustainability is Triage First’s hallmark of excellence. Complete our inquiry form for additional information and pricing, and learn about our Sentinel Event Guarantee™. Or call: 828-628-8029.

“I wanted to share some good looking data. Our LWBS and LOS has dropped and stabilized dramatically since we instituted the Triage First system in April. Also, our diversion hours are much less than last year. Finally, our patient satisfaction scores rose to 97% in the second quarter.” Susan Kill, Director of Emergency Services “Should be offered at least annually so I could make it available for my staff. Awesome depth of knowledge.” Sheila Price, CNO, RN, BSN, FACHE

Discover how you and your department could benefit from the following course solutions:

Triage Conceptual Foundation
Triage Critical Thinking Skills
Triage Process
Patient Throughput Impact
Process Application
Physical Plant & Process Integration
Triage and Emergent Response Plan
Triage is a Tiger: Caregiver AND Patient Satisfaction
Systematic Triage Assessment and Documentation
ED Triage Acuity Scale Concepts
ED Triage Acuity Scale Practice Scenarios
ED Triage Acuity Scale Multiple Case Presentations
Nurse Initiated Interventions
Triage of the Potentially Violent and Mitigating the Anger Cascade
Triage of Psychiatric Presentations
Triage Assessment of Victims of Abuse
ED Triage Clinical Expertise
ED Triage Pediatric Specific Clinical Expertise
Change Agent Chart Audit Skills (CQI)
Facility Specific Tailoring Implementation
Challenges Educator Skills and Course Logistics
Progressive Triage Competency
Healthcare Provider (Facility and System-Wide) Customer AND Caregiver Satisfaction
Emergency Department Continuous Quality Improvement (EDCQI) – Lean and Six Sigma Triage Core Concepts


There are no relevant financial relationships by any planner or content authors that affect the planning, implementation, or evaluation of these activities.  These activities are successfully completed by:  signing in, participation in all exercises included, satisfactory performance of 80% or higher on the post-test (if applicable), and completion of the participant feedback tool.

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