Optimizing emergency, urgent care and/or L&D unit

Improving Cost, Quality and Efficiency


Triage First identifies weak and broken processes and provides rationale, strategies, and team motivation geared toward implementation. Our experienced and knowledgeable senior consultants will identify and provide solutions to improve or eliminate processes and behaviors that cause frustration for you, your staff, and your patients. The Triage First liaison plan will bridge the gaps between executives, management, staff, and ancillary departments and services. Keeping your hospital’s interests in mind as you serve your patient population, Triage First will identify areas of opportunity. Inquire here. For request for information (RFI) or proposal (RFP) submissions, contact us at info@triagefirst.com or call 828-628-8029.

We offer different levels of consulting services, from point-of-entry to full department assessments. For all levels, you can expect:

  • On-site evaluations by senior consultants
  • Consulting hours tailored to accommodate each working shift or other specifics about your census
  • A comprehensive approach to customer service, workflow, and clinical expertise
  • Full program development
  • Detailed reporting and documentation on each area evaluated
  • Assignment of senior consultants to aid in the management of the project
  • Executive management oversight for achieving agreed-upon goals
  • Immediate and lasting impact

 The Triage First approach:

Project preparation pre-site-visit

Stage 1 – Current and future state assessments

Stage 2 – Report of recommendations and collaborative implementation plan

Stage 3 – Training

  • Reducing operational stress
  • Reducing operational risk
  • Increasing patient satisfaction
  • Improving patient and staff safety
  • Improving triage acuity assessment

Stage 4 – Implementation services


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