1. Triage First is the ONLY ED consultation entity that also provides online education, which is standardized and acuity scale-specific, as well as able to impart knowledge, transfer that knowledge, AND provide the opportunity to hardwire that knowledge through self-paced online modules, developed over a 23-year history.
  2. Triage First has a long history of providing triage education to Military, Veterans Administration, and Indian Health Services facilities.
  3. Triage First is an internationally recognized company as an ANCC Accredited Provider, having obtained the exceptional classification of Accreditation with Distinction for nursing education.
  4. The principal consultant is highly regarded as a leader in the art and science of triage and is sought after as a subject matter expert by publishers of textbooks and core standards in the profession.
  5. The principal consultant is a published author in triage and patient safety in both textbooks and peer-reviewed journals.
  6. The Triage First approach to the entire ED Triage-Comprehensive Curriculum™ follows a systematic progression that matches the actual triage process, incorporating both rapid AND comprehensive triage assessments.
  7. Triage First addresses the ROOT CAUSES of mistriage: lack of education, inexperience, lack of clinical knowledge, misled characteristics, beliefs, and attitudes, lack of empathy, and triage drift.
  8. Proprietary content educates regarding critical thinking skills and decision-making processes and identifies the caregiver’s trigger groups and subtleties, such as cynicism, prejudices, and biases, all of which may degrade triage clinical expertise or critical thinking skills.
  9. The Triage First online curriculum is supported and hardwired through self-paced, acuity scale-specific (Emergency Severity Index [ESI], Canadian Emergency Department Triage and Acuity Scale [CTAS], or other as contracted by organization), and triage clinical expertise individual learner activities. No other triage curriculum is both comprehensive AND acuity scale-specific.
  10. Triage First education provides content specific to military and Veterans Administration issues with regard to PTSD and victims of abuse.
  11. The Clinical Readiness activities include teaching points on triage for biological and chemical warfare agent presentations.
  12. Our education incorporates requirements for those pursuing Chest Pain Center Accreditation and/or Atrial Fibrillation Accreditation, as well as Magnet™ Designation (documents available upon request).
  13. Sustainability is offered through online progressive competency courses, which are available for those who complete the initial curriculum.
  14. All course material is updated annually, providing current content.
  15. The Triage First founder was a member of the ENA/ACEP collaborative Triage Task Force, working to standardize the science of triage to a valid and reliable five-level triage acuity scale.
  16. Rebecca McNair, owner and President of Triage First, coined the term that has led the national philosophy of “triage as a process, NOT a place”.
  17. Triage First is solely owned by a female veteran of the U.S. Navy.

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