What You Can Expect

Soft Changes:

  • Improved patient and caregiver satisfaction
  • Mitigation of risk
  • Development of a better work culture through improving communication, accountability, and promoting unbiased and thorough clinical expertise

Hard Changes:

Significant decrease in interval metrics related to:
  • Arrival to initiation of triage
  • Triage interval
  • Triage to treatment space
  • Arrival to physician
Significant decrease in proportion metrics related to:
  • Length of stay (LOS)
  • Left without being seen (LWBS)
  • Left prior to triage
  • Left prior to completion of treatment
  • Left against medical advice (AMA)
  • Complaint ratio


Change is never easy. However, never changing can be fatal. You have not only helped us understand the importance of change, but also educated us on successful change implementation. With your guidance and support we have been able to eagerly approach each action item and accomplish great things. It is [reference available upon request] Department of Emergency Medicine’s goal to provide safe and compassionate care to each patient. Triage First has been an integral part of the department’s ability to do this.


The detailed feedback from the first assessment, your assistance in helping us gain traction for a whole-system approach, and holding us accountable for the work through the implementation phase were the highlights of this project. You demonstrated extreme patience in working through staff and leadership concerns, and did a great job in balancing expectations among all stakeholders while keeping us focused on the positive through the many challenges. You are truly talented in your ability to read emotions and sense the operating environment to provide a truthful analysis.


Your thorough guidance and quality improvement tools provided an invaluable framework from which we were able to tackle a staggering amount of work. And your ability to articulate our needs to the executive leadership team was invaluable in getting the resources necessary to support our efforts. With your help, we have been able to make dramatic progress within the setting of a major departmental move, while being able to focus on our mission of providing uninterrupted, quality care for our patients throughout the transition. I want to thank you and your team for your excellence!


We began an initiative for emergency services improvement and enlisted Triage First to partner with us to effect these changes.  Their emphasis on point-of-entry processes, elimination of bottlenecks, and overall patient satisfaction has provided the impetus we needed to bring about a cultural transformation in our emergency departments. Triage First is a valuable partner in risk, quality and education.

S.G. RN, BSN, MSN, Vice President

The emergency department has become the new ‘front door’ of our hospitals, accounting for more patient visits and admissions than ever before. The incremental risk associated with this increasing ED traffic has caused us to focus first on the processes that impact patient flow, satisfaction, and quality care. Triage First has proven to be a flexible and effective partner, helping us to address that top priority without which the rest of our risk mitigation strategy could not be successful.

J.H. Vice President, Risk Management

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