Why Triage First

Our technique provides a transfer of comprehensive knowledge that naturally would take a nurse many years to acquire through experience alone.

Maintains best practice educational theory and an intrinsic knowledge base: to drive a change of behavior.

An intrinsic knowledge of clinical dynamics combined with best practice in educational theory is our leading advantage. True learning implies that the education delivered will result in a change in behavior, and we have the unique capacity to engage the learners on this level. Internal mental states will largely dictate the outcome of any learning experience. Triage First models best practice in providing a patient-centered experience through our educational offerings. While triage acuity is taught at the highest quality available on the market, much more is accomplished by weaving a persuasive argument throughout the content for WHY change should occur and HOW it will occur.

Has the most in-depth comprehension of triage and point-of-entry workflow dynamics in the healthcare industry.

We go beyond simply offering “across the board” solutions. Our education and advisory philosophies are geared toward your mission in implementing system-wide changes, optimizing patient flow, and enhancing clinical expertise, patient satisfaction, caregiver satisfaction, and accountability.

Maintains the highest standard in nursing continuing education, having been awarded Accreditation with Distinction in 2014, which is the highest level of recognition by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Accreditation Program.

As an ANCC Accredited Provider Organization, we are adept at providing excellent continuing nursing education for you on your path to recognition or award. Our company was awarded Accreditation with Distinction, which is the highest recognition by the ANCC’s Accreditation Program.

“The ANCC Accreditation Program identifies organizations that demonstrate quality and excellence in continuing nursing education (CNE). Accredited organizations meet comprehensive, evidenced-based criteria to ensure CNE activities are effectively planned, implemented and evaluated. Nurses can choose the highest caliber of education to meet certification or licensure requirements, which in turn contributes to improved health care outcomes.” — American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Has developed an innovative and effective systematic approach to patient safety by transcending the customer service or patient satisfaction expectation of “being nice” – meeting that standard and then raising the bar with a noble expectation of clinical expertise and compassion.

Our approach to clinical expertise delivers pearls of knowledge that would take most nurses many years to obtain. We drive to the root cause of trouble areas in patient interactions rather than simply rewarding caregivers for “being nice.” We explore stigma, anchoring, and biases that affect triage decisions. The unique systematic approach to point-of-entry processes that we developed has helped smooth the way for advances in triage and patient care throughout the nation.

Our approach has been integral to culture change in several large healthcare systems, as well as many rural hospitals. We have been instrumental in helping many organizations significantly reduce risk and left without being seen rates. Careers are revitalized and professionals are refreshed in their calling, as supported by the glowing testimonials from our course alumni.

Triage First offers evidence-based practice solutions and years of clinical and consulting experience. Our history of improving patient throughput processes and the standard of care in the point-of-entry arena is solid and fruitful.

Has a proven methodology and historical value based on a 23-year history of consulting and education, scaling to large healthcare systems.

Triage is the first contact many people have upon entering the healthcare system. The complexity of a triage system is often not well understood by healthcare providers in other arenas. Our shared perspective consistently impacts patient care and cost effectiveness. We adhere to facility policies and support your organization’s vision and mission. Our instruction complies with state and federal mandates. Compliance with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) and the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) is achieved through a thorough understanding of regulatory and facility or system mandates.

the module Advanced settings.

Course development and presentations are held to the highest standards of clinical expertise in knowledge and application.

At Triage First, we do not compromise “best practice” standards. Your medical and support staff know that you expect excellence. Because of this, we hold our course development and presentation skills to the highest standard.

  • All of our “Comprehensive Triage Curricula” are powerful tools that results in a motivated staff, improved morale, and clinical expertise.
  • Staff members receive complete and focused education that is appropriate to all levels of competency. Triage First’s strategies offer staff an alternative approach to what is far too often a chaotic and unsafe workplace environment.
  • Triage First will help your staff see the need to develop a consistent and efficient point-of-entry process and will provide them with the tools to accomplish this.
  • Triage First provides a strong and current professional literature foundation for all course content.
  • History as the leader in the field of nursing triage education since 1997
  • Developed the first formal blended emergency nursing triage course, as well as online ED, Obstetrical, and Urgent Care Triage courseware
  • Courses delivered to tens of thousands of nurses over a 23-year history
  • Solid history and capability of working with large healthcare systems, i.e., Sutter Health, Tenet Healthcare, HCA Healthcare, and HealthStream, Inc.
  • History of training U.S. Army, Air Force, Indian Health, and Veterans Administration facilities
  • Partnered with HCA Healthcare from 2002-2010 as part of their Risk Reduction Initiative – trained every hospital ED and subsequently trained 55 ED nurses as licensed educators
  • Contracted by the U.S. Army to provide consultation and implementation services to Emergency, Labor and Delivery, and Urgent Care units

A Value Based Purchase

Triage First offers a value-based purchase, recommended by the National Quality Forum (NQF) for point-of-entry and triage assessment and education, consistently promoting and achieving culture change in this field. Triage First consistently produces improved outcomes with respect to both hard and soft changes.

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